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Where can I find a bottle return in Oregon?

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    Anyplace that sells the drink is required by law to take them back. They can limit the number they take back however, so having too many may mean you end up going to more than one store to return them. And they can require that they be reasonably clean and that you sort them. If they don't sell the brand you are returning, they don't have to take it (but many will anyway).

    I find it's easier to ask the store before I show up with the bottles to be returned. And if you have bottles that can't be returned for a refund, don't forget to see if there is a glass recycling pickup point near you. Most cities have a designated place where they pick up cardboard, glass and milk jugs. Call your city office and ask them where it is.

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    Anywhere basically, grocery stores (Fred Myers,Food 4 Less, Winco, Alberstons). Also convenient stores will do it before a certain time.

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