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what are the best place to travel?

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    I have travelled across Europe. France, Holland, Germany, Luxemburg, Belgium, Italy, Spain. My favorite was Spain. Always wanted to go to Greece. But I always say to people as well that if you haven't seen your own country, why not start there? I am from and live in Canada, and have travelled from coast to coast, it is beautiful. I have also drove coast to coast in the US. Like I say beauty is right on your doorstep. Explore your country first. Not only is it educational but you see things that you never knew were right there. You also see much more by driving and taking your time to enjoy the sights. Have fun.

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    We think every little corner of the world has great possibilities for travel.... you just have to decide what interests you and make sure you'll be safe, then go for it. We try to convince people of this all the time: See what other people have to say, but follow your own dreams for travel!

    Happy travels... even if you don't travel the world... just remember that life is a journey... embrace and enjoy it!

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    what are the best place to travel?

    for me, i always want to go maldives for diving, snorkeling and beach laying...


    go to tibet on the himalaya and enjoy the moutain scenery.

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    welcome to China

    Beijing, Hong Kong & Macau - i strongly recommend Macau - very lovely and interesting island...

    here is the best guide -

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    my house! c'mon over!

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