My Question is as under that,?

The Balance Sheet of A & Co as on 31-12-2003 included the following items:

Sundry DebtorsRs. 98,000

Less: Provision for Bad Debts Rs. 2,450 Rs.95,550

At the end of the following years, the gross amount of Debtors (before deducting a provision) was as under:

2004 Rs. 94,000

2005 Rs.102,000

On each of these years there was a provision for bad debts calculated on the same percentage basis as on 31-12-2003.

The actual amount of bad debts written off from Debtors Accounts over those periods was:

2004 Rs.2,600

2005 Rs.2,300

You are required to prepare Bad Debts Account and Provision for Bad Debts Account for the years 2004 and 2005.

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    That makes no sense at all to me

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