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Help me..!! I want to be frns with a gal but my guy frns don't like it??

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    your guy friends are probably worried that you wont hang out with them as much anymore. just tell them that they will still be your best friends and nothing is going to change.

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    Dont let your friends run YOUR life. If you like this girl then your friends should be happy that you have found someone. The other answerer is correct,they are jealous and dont want to lose their buddy.

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    maybe, your guy friends have a thousand and one reason why they dont like the gal to be your friend. reaserch on this first before pushing thru with your plan of be-friending the gal.

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    Sounds like you guys are way too young. Be friends with whoever you want

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  • 1 decade ago

    what the hell does your friend's gotta do with it.? Your gonna go out with her. Ain't you? not all your friend's... Tell your friends to be happy for you!

    And also, Friend's are always there.. Girl's come and go!

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    does it really matter what your guy friends say?!? it your life!!!! if you want to be friends with the girl then be her friend!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they r jealous!!!!!!!!!!

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