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Firewall Testing?

I have been using syagte personal firewall for some time now……I used to vist sites like grc.com and hackerwatch.org to test my firewall…..when the tests were conducted my firewall(sygate) used to inform me about a port scan attack which i assume is normal…..and it managed to pass the tests…..

Now I have switched to zone alarm(free version) …….but when the tests r conducted it never informs me about the port scan attack……although the tests r being passed……….why is my new firewall not informing about the port scan attacks………

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    comodo firewall + avast antivirus are the best free programs for your pc.For a payed firewall+av i chose the Bitdefender internet security v10.

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    It does but in a different form I used to use Zonealarm free firewall and that would be listed as a high rated attack if you open the firewall control center it will list how many bad things were kept out of your computer the high rated attacks are port scans, weakness probes etc... So don't worry it is keeping the junk out just fine.

    Source(s): Personal experiance and past use of this program.
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    comodo is good, but I replaced it with jetico ( http://www.jetico.com/ ). Both provide solid security, but (in my opinion) Jetico gives more hands-on control. When I last checked, Comodo and Jetico were the only firewalls, free or otherwise, that completely stealthed all ports.

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    Zone Alarm no longer throws pop-up messages by default. It's blocking the activity but there is so much garbage on the net that when pop-up notifications are enabled you get a continuous stream of notifications and can't get any work done. Just check the logs; it's all there.

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    just need to check the log file and see whats been stopped i.e port scans etc..

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