where can i buy black roses?

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    1 decade ago
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    black roses really do not exist! People love the idea of a black rose and there are myths about them, but they aren't real. The blackest roses are all a very very deep red. Some of them have a very blackish cast to the petals, but red they are. Purple is another color that is fudged a lot by rosarians. Most "purple" roses aren't a really true purple, but are some shade of mauve or a mixture of lavender and red shades. Some of the most beautifully colored and fragrant roses are old garden roses from the 19th century and it would be nice if you could find some of these. They would be unusual. Where do you live? You will find that florists have a limited supply of roses -- mostly non-fragrant hybrid teas. If you can find someone to make a corsage to your specifications, you might try to find a local rose grower or nursery who would give you a few roses to use. To locate such a person go to the American Rose Society web page at www.ars.org and click on the box that says Ask the Experts. There you'll find a listing of all the Consulting Rosarians in the US, listed by area.

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    There is really no such thing as 'Black Rose' from nature. They are actually a very very dark red.

    However, dark red roses are best suited for the acceptance of dyes used.

    Do a 'web search', there is a boat load of 'Black Rose' listings.

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    You don't get black roses. Who told you that? But yes, you can take red roses and paint them black using a Paint-Spray. That would be so sexy:)!

  • You can order them online. You can search Google for black roses and see if there's a site that sells them.

    Hope this helped you ^_^

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  • Deb
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    A flower shop can order them if they don't stock them. (MOST don't) or like someone else said, they can be sprayed, but not entirely, just the tips. If you spray anything you cover all the pores and it dies.

  • 1 decade ago

    florists can spray flowers black with a specail paint

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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