where do "ideas" come from? - brain matter or non-brain matter?

In non material somethings ? "Something" outside of time & space?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Ideas come from language. It is through language that we understand how things relate to each other in an abstract way. I don't need to know how to spell banana in order to peel one, but eating a '?' everyday seems to keep some essential part of it from me. From knowing the name of a thing, I can know the name of another thing (leaf) and, in so doing, understand how they are different and how they relate, and from that, I can understand how bigger and bigger things relate. From knowing why 1+1 = 2, I can know how to count to a trillion.

    To answer your question, though, ideas come from electrical impulses stimulated in your brain that picture the alphabet and correlates the arrangement of words to a corresponding image within your memory bank. Ideas cannot be divorced from the image they produce, but what happens is we encounter the image first, and then realize the idea second.

    It's kinda like trying to figure out which number starts off the number system. The correct answer is zero, but we actually don't consciously begin counting until 1. In knowing 1, we realize or are made aware of both two and zero. Since something cannot come from 'nothing', zero is what we call ourselves before we were the person we are now.

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    The raw material for ideas comes as information from outside; the brain works on this information and yields ideas. No ideas could be produced otherwise.

  • Idea is a produce of the whole human subsets acting together in a synchronized format. Here, your brain cooperates with your entire human machine, that is, the whole of your brain, whole mindset, your whole psychic framework, your mental faculty and your physical recesses. However, I don’t want you to forget that determination is a key factor. Generally almost everybody have the above "set", but the dynamic of determination cannot be overemphasized. You can make up your mind to create ideas and with that, the sky shall be your limit.

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