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Is it relay so easy to believe conspiracies than the truth?

So many seem to think everything bad that happens is some great plan of GW or the gov. Are people realy so gullible?

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    Your question has to do with human psycology. Humans have a tendancy top look for patterns in things. Science itself is based on identifying patterns in one form or another. When seemingly random events occur people start looking for patterns to help them cope with them. In most political situations all the facts aren't well known so people link things that are totally unrelated, thus causing the conspiracies. Without any other pattern they can see for themselves these are then the theories they believe in.

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    A lot of it has to do with the secrecy of the current administration. They are ferociously insular and act like a cabal. They don't accept any input from anyone that is outside of their immediate group. They make unilateral decisions that have horrible implications for the safety of people in the US and the rest of the world. They employ strongarm tactics to exert control. The list of examples would fill a book.

    This could just be chalked up to bad leadership, but this group is exceedingly deceptive and manipulative in the way that they try to spin these events to mold public opinion. They are very good at pushing all kinds of buttons. They use the prejudices and fears that a lot of people have and use them to their advantage. History will regard the current presidency as one of the worst in our country's history.

    The people that see this are not gullible. They are prescient. The gullible ones are those that believe the party line and stand in silence while this country moves toward fascism.

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    people believe what they want to believe as truth. and the truth will become a lie if it is against their belief. it is already in human nature.

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    no.. just the ones paying attention with open minds.

    Source(s): - for some of the best 911/whatnot info
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