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Settle a bet Ali Vs. Tyson?

In their primes. Who would win Ali or Tyson.

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    if both in their prime, tyson before buster douglas incident and Ali before he was stripped of his boxing license, it would all come down to how Ali came into the fight.

    despite what people think about mike tyson, in his prime, he was a very skilled agressive style boxer, he cut of the ring and threw punches in bunches, making it hard to get out of the way of some of his hard hitting shots... he kept coming, it wasnt unitl people figured out that you had to let tyson beat himself that they beat him, tire him out, know your goign to take hard hits, and when he tires and gets lazy, go after him.

    Ali was great no question, he dazzled everyone in his prime, the rope a dope and the shuffle were great moves .. he had a great jab and used it. Ali's style of fighting is very frustrating to the agressive cut off the ring tyson type...in this fight it would be his foot speed and jab speed, that make the difference.

    As long as he used his jab and maintained his reach, he would take tyson a few rounds past the comfort zone and have him, but if ego got in the way, like many of tyson's first 36 opponents, and decided to go toe to toe, Tyson could very well end the fight.

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      If Foreman and Shavers couldn't take down Ali, Tyson wouldn't have a chance.

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    Tyson couldn't lay a glove on Ali's face. (Muhammad never had a face cut his whole career) He was too fast and had instincts where it seemed as if he could predict where the opponent's punch was going to try to land, and he'd move away or move with the punch. One thing he could do that was rare for any fighter was to punch while backing up at the same time. I know that you may think that Joe Frazier was kind of like Tyson, peek-a-boo, very heavy puncher, wicked left hook, (and could take a beating), but when Ali fought him he wasn't really ready since he only fought Quarry and Bonavena as a tuneup after 3 yrs of no action. I do believe that Tyson was an awesome puncher, but he couldn't catch Ali and Ali would have jabbed him to peices. Ali also had a great uppercut and punch from all angles. I think Ali would have TKO'd him within 12 rounds.

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    Tyson! He would tear down Ali's body before knocking his melon off! Tyson was a great body puncher early in his career, he threw nice combos wasn't a wild one punch thrower like older Tyson. He had stamina, a good chin and he had IMO faster hands then Ali. Look how fast Tyson could turn a body punch into an uppercut with the same hand!! Also look at the trouble Ali had with Frazier. Frazier and Tyson were similar in size and style!!

    Look what Tyson did to Holmes, even though Holmes was older, Tyson still destroyed him and Holmes was similar in size and style to Ali. The critics thought for sure Holmes would be to much for Tyson.

    I've watched most of Ali's fights, not just the big ones, I really don't think he was all that great! Damn good, but not great. He was great at self promoting, talking big and was annoying to listen to. He's extremely extremely overrated!! I think everyone just says Ali because of his reputation. I bet most of these people haven't watched more than 2 or 3 fights from each fighter. Also most people wont pick Tyson because of his shady and crazy reputation, but this isn't about his character this is about a fight in the ring. I've watched all but maybe 2 of Tyson's early career fights and most of Ali's.

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    Ali Ali Ali

    unless Tyson started to eat Ali then sadly Tyson

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    Muhammad Ali....Ali had the speed, Ali has a very good chin (to take a punch) and Ali has the stamina...Tyson never did well with fights that would go past the 4th or 5th round, you can't realistically tell me that Tyson would knock out Ali in the first or 2nd round...and Ali was a better strategist...Tyson was not...

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    Tyson wasn't really a boxer, he was a brawler. And Ali was too quick for Tyson, IMHO. Ali was also really smart in the ring - he knew what he could take and taking punches from Tyson wouldn't be something he'd want to do. Ali would let Tyson wear himself out for a few rounds and then start to take him down like a surgeon.

    Ali in 8 rounds, I think.

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    I am a huge fan of Tyson and Ali but Anyone who says Tyson are just kidding themselves!!! first of all Tyson won all his fights before the match even started!!! Wouldn't happen with Ali!!!! he would make Tyson so mad inside and out of the ring that Tyson would lose focus and go out to kill Ali!!!! Ali would wear him out, he would fight him on the outside with his quick jab and footwork!!! Tyson would crumble in about round 7 or 8!!!

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    Ali would win in 7 rounds. You used a key word here in their prime. No one ever beat Ali in his prime. Tyson couldn't beat Holyfield in his prime how could he beat Ali? Tyson had and has the brain the size of a pea.

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    Ali, Tyson are you kidding me? The dude was stupid as a rock and sounded like a retarded Stooge. Ali had some gutzpa and smarts.

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