how can i get notified each time i get mail?

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    Keep messenger running in back ground and it will give you an audible alert for mail

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    Depending on what email domain you have, there are several ways. I have a hotmail email address and I have a gmail email address.

    For hotmail, I signed in and entered into my hotmail profile and added a cellphone number to which I would like to recieve SMS messages if emails are recieved in my inbox. Thats as simple as it gets. One problem is, you need to have credit on your cellphone to be able to recieve notifications. Another one is that I ended up getting a lot of junk mail SMS messages on my device, and since you have pay for each SMS notification, I had to set my Mail Filter settings to very HIGH... When you set them to very high, you only recieve emails in your inbox from people you have added in your address book. This way, you only get SMS notifications for emails that are from people on your list and can hence be sure that no SMS will be sent to notify you of JUNK.

    With GMAIL, there is Gmail Notify, some little program you download from google mail's main page, and it displays a little pop up menu in the bottom right hand corner of your screen once you recieve a new email in the inbox, making it more convenient than having to keep your email window open all the time.

    I used to have a yahoo email address as well, and I still do actually - but I dont really use it anymore. If you go into your account on any of the email providers, regardless of what domain it is, you can usually find ways to recieve email notifications, such as an SMS, or forwarding your email onto another email account in the case that SMS is not offered as a service, and then you can have the SMS service activated on the account which you had the emails forwarded to.


    If you have a hotmail account, aol account, yahoo account, or any email which has a counterpart messenger to it - one you could sign into, add people and chat with online contacts - you can simply sign in to any of these messengers and you will be alerted of emails recieved in your inbox with a sound and a pop up little box.

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    Eprompter is a free site that will notify you when you have email.

  • If you have "YAHOO MESSANGER" opened all the time it will notify you

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  • 1 decade ago

    get your yahoo messager on all the time!

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    keep your yahoo messenger open (all the time)

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