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BBC News has report this week the true figure of how many illegals are in the US. The right # is 35 millions !

Why then our polticians, Fox & CNN News lie to us and say 12 millions , while a British News such as BBC tells the right figure ?

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    The US government does not want us to know just how big the problem is. This is scary. How will we ever get rid of all of them. Illegal immigration is a huge problem and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

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    I am British and generally trust the BBC, but they could be wrong. What do they consider an "illegal imigrant". Does that include people who snuck into the US during WWII to avoid the Nazis? I think the number of 11-12 million includes only Mexicans/South Americans.

    Consider this - aren't all modern day Americans illegal immigrants? I don't recall the Indians issuing visas to the pilgrims. Just stirring the pot...

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    Lets put it this way, %10 percent of mexicos unskilled labor is here. Its a ridiculous number no mater if it is 12 million or 35 million. It needs to be taken care of, if not the crap will surely hit the fan.

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    There is really no way to tell how many illegal aliens are in the US. I do find it hard to believe that the BBC figure is correct. Besides, I wouldn't beleive anything they say.

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    i truly believe that that the numbers are bigger than what the U.S. is telling us for instance in my town when the last census came around they had to run public service ads with our tax dollars telling the mexicans not to be afraid and what a census is and to please answer the door . and there were big news story reporting the same all over and so how could they know the true numbers.

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    There's nothing wrong with the illegals.

    They're human beings for God's sake !!

    They need shelters, food and proper lives, they need to raise their beloved children in an accomodative country. You should be proud of the reality that many of them chose The US as one of the dream countries.

    They have no fault, no mistake. They only follow their instinct to live way (much) better than they're in their origin country.

    I ain't an illegal immigrant, but I just wanna all of you realize that The US citizens aren't alone on this Earth. They still have lots of unfortunate friends that have to be helped out of the poverty !!

    If you think that they're bugging you, so ask the President and his ministers to aid the poor countries, give them more long-term loan to accelerate the improvement of their countries. That's all, no big deal !!

    C'mon, we're flesh & blood, all of us, why should we hate one another ??

    What's wrong with you, guys ??

    I really don't get it..........................WE ARE ALL HUMANS, AND THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE !!!

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    The right continuously slams the BBC as being anti American. Why then are their estimates being considered gospel?

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    What makes you think that British figure is the correct one.

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    Because the govt doesn't want the illegals knowing that we know there here.

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