i think i deleted something ber important in windows... HELP me please please!!?

my sound device dosent work so i reinstall it.. but when i do, an error message appears like this C:\DOCUME~1\Jason\LOCALS~1\Temp\db3c_appcompat.txt cant back it up.. and cant system restore.. i also forgot what i deleted... so please help me.. C:\DOCUME~1\Jason\LOCALS~1\Temp\db3c_appcompat.txt.. dont know what to do.. please help!

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    The first thing that I would do is to check in your recycle bin. If it is not set to auto delete, and you havn't cleared it recently it should be there. Find the file and click restore. This should send it back to where it came from. If this won't work for you, then go to your device managers by right clicking My Computer, Properties, then go to hardware tab and go to device managers. Find your sound card, and right click then click update device drivers. If it cant find them go to the manufactures website and download them there then re-install. This should fix sound problems. Good luck

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    You can go into the search area where you see the computer and my documents and so forth. There is a help section and a search. look up and search for it. It will ask for all files and folders or what you want to do? Look for sound devices. Or....

    Under my control go to audio and sound devices. you can browse through all the hardward devices and click on the adanced buttons and they will say if they are working properly or not without changing them so you will know what to do. Sometimes you can rollback the drivers if you look in the dell book or whatever computer book you have. I have learned the extremely hard way. You might even try to get the trouble shooter on windows xp easy steps for $9.95 and that has been great and there is another one for windows great tips and tricks I have learned a lot from. I messed up bad last week. I learned to put in safe mode and restore completely back to when it was working normal. i was proud of myself. Follow directions carefully and it is not that hard! I am getting better everyday. A year ago I did Not even know what the hour glass was! Sometimes backup and reinstalling windows if you have xp home edition is the best way without paying a fortune; But make sure it is in sfe mode. Or write all you computer drive c on writable files too just in case there is a mess up so you will have the hardware to re-install. I did that too. But make sure that disc is a writable and check after you write it that it took and check to see if it shows all programs.

    Good Luck,

    If I can heelp further let me know,.........jadeeandjojo@yahoo.com

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    Did it go in the recyle bin?

    Otherwise try using system file checker and it will replace any missing files

    To use system file checker just use run>type in sfc /scannow

    The system will immediately begin to check all the current system files and restore the cached approved copies. You may be asked to insert the Windows CD as well during the restore.

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    I am not sure , try going to windows update,custom.type that in windows search bar,hope that works.

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  • 1 decade ago

    must have deleted active x control mixer

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