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what kind of a place is Boulevard Arago?

my friend stays i want to know if its a nice place?


but is it a safe and nice place to live in?

Update 2:

i still havn't got exactly what im looking for...but thanx anyway!

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    the boulevard arago has nothing exceptionnal about it.

    No shops or clubs, it's just a very long street mainly residential.

    But it's a very nice place to live in because it's still quite cheap and in the center of the capital

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    here's a link that I am sure will help you;ville=75199056...

    you'll find three choices




    just click on Boulevard Arago

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    1 decade ago

    no we have riots every night all around the city.

    Electricity is only every second day, same for water, but not both at same day.

    We keep hunting around to get food.

    Bronx or south L.A. are heaven compared to Paris

    and all diseases are available every corner.

    I am wordless when I see this kind of questions.

    Why don't you ask your friend if he is inviting you to jungle ?

    What a friend...

    Can you sometime understand that when France was the top spot of the world, four centuries ago, the only americans were struggling around naked and the immigrants were either convicts or the most undereducated ones....

    and today they ask about .... your question style...

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