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Is there a Food you enjoy eating that other people mind find disgusting?

Let the grossing out begain

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    I like cow tounge tacos,and my brother likes the turkeys tail"popes nose" no joke I swear!Oh my BF likes tacos made from the cows udders"tacos de ubre" gross I guess they don't sell that here in the US.

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    #1 A peanutbutter, tuna mixed with catsup, grape jam sandwich.

    #2 A Chicken catsup, mayo peanutbutter, potato chip sandwich.

    #3 Tomato soup with cinnamon stirred into it.

    #4 Hot cerial with orange juice instead of water boiled then served warm.

    #5 Cold cerial with orange juice instead of milk in it.

    #6 A hamburger with peanutbutter on it.

    #7 Rice with catsup, tuna, ham chunks and hotdog bits mixed in.

    Source(s): *getting hungery* *logs off to go eat breakfast*
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    I dont like it, but many Swedes enjoy a holiday tradition of eating pickeled herring. Looks and smells SO gross!!

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    I went on a mission trip with my church to Peru, South America, and we had the chance to try cow heart. I can honestly say that I might eat it again if I had the chance.

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    I like to crumble up cornbread and spread pinto beans on it and mix in a little mayo. Eat it with a raw onion. It is so good...............

  • 1 decade ago

    Sheeps eyes. I love the sensation of them bursting in my mouth and all the juice exlodes.

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    cold and greasy spaghetti bolognese from the refrigerator

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