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Daisuke Matsuzaka : Stud or Dud?

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    This is a two fold question, one is the person, and the other his ability. The person is cocky, arrogant, and when he is dominating he tends to get careless. Unless his catcher can reel him in and keep him focused he's going to have the same issues as other young pitchers. However, the "newness" is going to carry him for a while until people have seen what he can do. Matsuzaka is also used to having scouting reports in hand and going over detail by detail about his opposition. Unless the management ponies up this information he may feel a bit panic'ed the first few months.

    Part two is the talent factor. His fastball is in the mid to lower 90's and he's been known for consistant control. This is something few power pitchers in MLBB have. Which means he's a Control Pitcher with Power. The Gyro Ball, believe it or not, has been thrown in the US already. Mostly on accident. The barrell rolling spin of the pitch makes it move like a crashing wave. (Think screwball pitch but the axis of spin perpindicular). Left handed batters will see this movement as if it were a slider from a left handed pitcher.

    So with the other four pitches he has (not counting fastball) he should be a very dominate pitcher with complete plate control.

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    Stud... according to an article by Eric Wilbur on boston.com he projects to be the fourth best pitcher in baseball next year behind Santana, Oswalt and Halladay. In a market where Gil Meche gets 5 years $55 million, 6 years at $103 million is a bargain. Small and mid-market teams have been locking up quality starters so guys like him are simply not available on the free agent market at any price. Sox in '07!

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    More stud than dud. I think this year he will win 15 to 16 games. He was most definitley a stud at the WBC, but I think it will take him a year to acclimated to the U.S. and MLB hitters as a whole. He definitley has the stuff to be a stud, now we just need to see if he has the mental part for a full season. He surley won't be another Hideki Irabu ... right?

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    He's not a stud on looks but as a pitcher, hai. Too many people are worring about petty little things like whether he can be caught or language barrier, or finding the strike zone in America. The real issue will be whether the longer season in the MLB will tire him at season's end. He may require more rest until he gets used to longer seasons.

    Source(s): I love Japanese baseball players.
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    He looked like a stud at the World Classic but know he's got to face it for 162 games and pitch every 5th day which he's not used to doing. Jury's still out.

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    He looks to be great, but the adjustments (5-man instead of 6-man rotation and from 136 games to 162) may hurt him at first.

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    he is a stud. he dominated the world classic and looked hilarious in that jacket when he got off of the plain. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

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    a stud, but only for a little while

    Source(s): he can throw the gyroball!
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    Stud if he can stay healthy and not blow out his arm.

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    We'll never know until he pitches his first game in the Majors. I personally hope he's great.

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