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Aside from Nero and WindowsMediaPlayer, what good for buring mp3's?

I've used Nero and WindowsMediaPlayer for years but I'm looking for something different. I know these are both good but I'm having trouble with them right now.

Thanks for your suggestions

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    RealOne Player, MusicMatch, Roxio, DeepBurner, Winamp, CloneCd, WindowsLiveOneCare.exe has a backup file subroutine that can burn your files to cd. other respondents may know of other programs that can handle this that I don't know of. Good luck with those music files of yours.

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    Try using Real Player its on most PCs when you buy them,if not you can get 1 for free on line,just type in Real Player in the search tab and you will find a site to get the free download.

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    Should you need to download a recent version of CloneCD get it here:

    I guess it's the sotware you need.

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    I use Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 Suite.....I think its far better than anything else.....even better than nero

    Source(s): download it from limewire, kazaa or Morpheus
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  • Try record now delux

    Source(s): Ive found this to be the best if nothing else works
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    try NTI Cd & DVD maker or try the Winamp it!

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