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Why dont I love them?

Why dont I love my parents? Maybe because I dont talk to them...When I tell my mom my hopes and dream about acting all she says is "Mag-aral ka nalang" which means "Just study". But I do study..Well not at home at school I listen to my teachers and I learn it automaticly and remember it. and I dont talk to my dad, I barley even see him. and I cant tell them how I feel because all the'll say is "nag dadrama ka lang" which means its just a phase. and can a "Phase" last 11 years?!?!? maybe this is why I got kicked out of my old school, because I was too depressed that I had no energy at all to study harder. I dont even thing they love me, All Im getting from them for christmas is 1000 pesos which is like which is like $10.25!! and I like talk back at them In my head. and when my mom is pissed off shes mean to talks to me in an angry voice and talks to my brother in a sweet voice a second later!! and somtimes my sister wakes me up in the middle of the night and asks me to print.


somting for her I ask my mom to help me with that she says "at least she's studying,and your not doing anything important anyway" and its like when my day is fine and I see them and they tell me somthing like get them a glass of water. It makes me wanna kill myself. and dont tell me to go to therepy cuz I dont have the money, and my parents wont contribute any money anyway

Update 2:

Im only 13 and they wont let me go to a bording school, but I wish I could, and Im not close to any relatives and my school fired the guidance councilor cuz they needed er office for storage space

Update 3:

ok,Im getting $10 for x-mas and my brother gets a $400 PSP

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    I think u have to talk with them open and tell them exactly how u feel or if u can't write a letter, maybe there u can express yourself better. I am sure they don't realize them attitude against u , and if u r not talking open about they will probably never will ..

    Most of parents they do this because they are them self unhappy with there own issues ( in marriage, work , money ). They are so in to it that sometimes they cant see the rest , that's why u must chose a good moment and show yourself very serious about it, show them in witch way it affects u.

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    Dear Beatrix,

    You don't need to go to a theorapy, don't worry :) It's just a family matter that you can solve, but it'll take time. You love your family, I'm sure about it, but you need to get closer to them so they can know what exactly you want and understand your needs, and know how you think about your future; also they need to get closer to you. At that time you'll be like friends, not a mother and a child. So, for example when you get back from school, sit with them, at least your mother and tell her about your day at school, how was it, and what did you do. If she was busy cooking, go help her in the kitchen, and talk with her while working. If you faced any problem, ask them about their opinion and suggestions, sit with your father and have a deep talk with him. Talk with him about your different ideas in your head (General talk for example). Of course when having lunch you'll be all together, so you can open a subject and speak about it, eveyone will say his opinion and you say yours as well.

    All this will let them know you better, how you think and what you want, and also will let you know what they want you to do... There won't be any conlfict I hope anymore :)

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    i like the advise one person gave about how they cant wait to be out on their own at 16, well let me tell you its not that easy, so don't be in a rush. yes it would be nice to have the support of a family, but that does not always happen. but that does not mean that you can not follow your dreams. yes your mom is right you do need to do good in school. but you know this. but as far as you acting and things. only you can make your dreams come true. don't let anyone including family keep you from dreaming. when the time is right, and you will know when that is, in your heart then go for it.

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    you have to get your priorities right. While at school you do nothing other than study, I mean mainly. Do not get your parents wrong. They love you just as all parents love their children. There is nothing unusual if she talks sweeter to your brother. Do not crib about money. We do not know what financial problems they are in. Please do not think I am saying every thing against you. You concentrate on studies and improve your grades. You will soon see the change in their behavior. You are biased against your parents since you think from your angle only and not consider their view-point

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    You should talk to an adult that you are close with. Is there a teacher or Guidance Counsellor at school that you can talk to? Maybe an aunt, grandmother? I feel that you should talk to someone in person as this is a complicated issue and you can't get proper guidance through all of this by just asking this question. Please talk to someone. Best of Luck to you.

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    You have to listen to your parents . You will learn things from them . I wish I listened more instead I had to learn everything the hard way . Study hard and do your best in school and your future will be better.

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    HAY HAY HAY slow down there younster lol well im younster 2 the same problem is happing 2 me hunny parentz suck and the sooner you can drive and have a job n rent a place the better! i cant wait untill that day comes 3yearz till im 16!!! :D good luck hunny :D bye bye now xxx

  • you can pick your friends but you can't pick your famliy. do your best honey and don't let them put you down sweety your doing good. some people are like that and don't know any better.. when you pass your mom or dad kiss them on the forhead and see what they do.. take the high road kiddo.. don't go down to there level. ciao sweety

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    you do love them to prove this just go to a place where you can be alone and clear your head now think that you were just told they were brutally murdered and see how you feel...they do love you also they just want what is best for you and acting is very difficult to succeed in and that scares them that just really want the best for you...

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    The whole hating your parents thing is just a phase.

    Your hopes and dreams are not.

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