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I want to join the military but..?

I am nearsighted, would I be able to wear my contacts?

Its the Aruba military (AruMil) of the Royal Dutch Marines.

What are the US military rules on that?

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    I am in the US Air Force and if you want to be a pilot you're required to have 20/20 or at least be able to correct to 20/20. When you go through basic military training it's highly recommended you wear glasses. You're going to be exercising alot and going through obstacle courses and the possibility of your contacts getting dirty and infection are high. If you don't have glasses the military will provide you with a pair of prescription glasses, but it takes a while before you get them. If you take your contacts make sure you bring LOTS of solution. After basic training, it all depends what job you train into.

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    Many jobs require vision correctable to 20/20. But to get into the US military you must have a combination of 20/400 or better (uncorrected vision).

    i.e. both your eyes are 20/200, then you just barely make it.

    if one eye is 20/40 and the other is 20/300 you're good also.

    if one eye is 20/220 and the other 20/200 you will not qualify.

    Source(s): US Marine recruiter 2002-2005
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    Its also depends on what job youre aplaying for and how good your uncorrected vision is. Pilots must have perfect vision. Contact your countrys military or recruit department and ask. There should be a medical exam before you enter the military boot camp or in its first days. Tell the doctors or nurses there about youre vision and they would decide what you can/cant do. Johan

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    For most jobs in the US military, if your vision can be corrected to 20/20 or near that you will be fine. While in basic training they will issue you military glasses instead of allowing you to wear contacts. After basic contacts are fine.

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    Your sight has nothing to do with you being in the Military unless you want to fly aircraft... You should joined the Military ... Once your in you WILL recieve expensive medical attention and you are qualified to have Laser Eye Surgery.. Dont let your eyesight stop your Heart.. Follow it and get it... Good Luck!

    Source(s): 4 years Active Duty --- United States Marine Corps
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    I was in the military, and i am nearsighted, it might affect what type of job you want in the might not qualify for a pilot's position, depending on how bad your sight is..

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