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How long will it take, do you think, for all the troops to come home?

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    Bush is still planning on sending 70,000 more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan the last report I heard,but he has not made up his mind yet.

    He said that at a press conference when asked about troop deployment. The present administration has been very secretive about troop deployment during the whole administration.

    My guess will be that before Bush's term is over in 2008,most will be home,I don't think he wants to leave the next President with the Iraq mess,it is a downslide now,and not getting better.

    Once the new congress convenes in January,more pressure will be on the administration to send troops home quicker.

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    5 years

  • rich k
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    We've still got troops in Germany, and that one ended in 1945. There is no consideration to bringing troops home from Korea, why would you expect us to ever leave Iraq now that we're there?

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    This conflict could last decades, very complex situation I think that civilized nations need to address, preventing Israel form being annihilated, preventing the evil Iranian dictators from overrunning the region and most importantly keeping nuclear armaments away from the as you can see this is more than about the Iraqi war it is a regional issue, imagine if the Nazis had been stopped in 1937!

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    I think that as long as there is fighting over there the troops will be sent over there all of the time. It doesn't seem fair, but nothing in life is fair

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    Dear Dude,

    How long do you think the Democrats will protect you from the terrorists? About 0.00 seconds. Democrats are afraid of terrorists. Why do you thing the terrorists vote Democratic?

    Al least the Republicans are killing terrorists. I hope they stay over there killing terrorists for as long as there are radical Islamic terrorists to be killed.

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    they will b there for atleast next 5 yrs.even if bush leaves ofice .the next goverment cannot pull back at once........the conditions are deteoriating and coalition forces are gettin tough time to handle rebels......US army and rest of the forces need a change in strategy...US hasn't seen a modern war...and that to an guirella warfare...........US marines come to india every year...they come in 2 groups of 150 india ..indian army trains them on guirella to make close quarter engagements......urban warfare etc......afetr finishing the training program in india theses marines are immediately deployed to afganistan or iraq......the current situation makes it difficult for US to pull has to make a presence in the country until a string government takes charge!!!!!!!!

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    I don't know, I am not from the US but I just hope that everything will finish and everyone goes back home, Safe and Happy.

    God Bless.

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    don't hold your breath as long as the warlord is in office. I rememeber Veit nam, also remember how fast they were to get help after the Hurricane Katrinia, i.m glad i didn't vote for the warlord. I am getting ready to hide from people in general. If you know what's coming, you better be too!

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    not pretty soon since Gates (DS) said yesterday that they will going to need more troops to Iraq. how many more lives will at stake????:-(

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