How has the Holy Spirit made Himself known to you supernaturally?

Hi, you all. I've been gone awhile, but I'm back now.

I've had many supernatural experiences with God; money has appeared in my both my bank account and pockets when I've prayed about it; I've had a vision of the throne; I had a vision of 9-11 before it happened. What supernatural manifestations have you experienced?


Wizzy, I hope you aren't saying that the Holy Spirit doesn't manifest supernaturally, because that is not in line with the Bible.

Acts 2:17-18:

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith the God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: And your sons and you daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.

Update 2:

God hears the prayers of those who love Him. When I was having trouble putting food on the table, and asked God for help, He gave it to me (I'm a single parent). Didn't God give Solomon treasure because He asked for wisdom?

When you are giving God your everything, He sees your tiniest need, and answers. I don't understand Christians that don't think that God hears or answers personal prayer. The Bible is full of situations where God did this. Stop letting people tell you how God works and start praying for others constantly,and using every second to get to know Him better and you will Him attend to your needs like this too.

Update 3:

Amen, vanilla. Praise God!

Update 4:

Leanne, I've had many experiences of the type you're talking about. The touches of the Holy Spirit are so very comforting.

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    Too many to talk about. I had a salvation dream early last year (2005) when I doubted my salvation. I was scared I was going to Hell, when I was a new christian, as satan likes to put things like that in your mind. In April of last year Jesus appeared to me in a supernatural way regarding my salvation. The holy spirit spoke to me and said "I have called you by name(as Jesus called my name, and I heard it very clearly) you are saved, your name has been written in the lambs book of life, I have called you into my kingdom and you are mine" Very biblical. The Father appeared to me in a dream on the 11th of May at 5am. He blocked out his face, but I did see his white robe. Let me tell you, his language is not english, as most people do not realise God has his own language. Although most of the time he spoke english. He was so holy, and yet so loving at the same time. By the way I had these experiences backed up at prayer ministry at my sisters old Baptist church, when God spoke to one of th prayer team about it, and told her it was him, as I asked her to ask God about them. She said there was not gaurentee that she would get an answer, but she did unexpectantly. Jesus also appeared to me in June of last year and I saw his gergous face, and he had an angel standing on his right had side who looked about 7 feet tall. At the end of june last year my sister and I had a verbal fight. I said things I should not have said. I thought God was going to punish me so I prayed and asked for forgivness. I then went to be that night, and prayed again for forgivness. In the middle of the night I started calling out Jesus, Jesus , Jesus etc. I was lying on my left hand side, and I felt my right hand starting to go up, and a hand came down and held my hand, and all I felt was peace and I was not scared anymore, He held my hand until I fell asleep. I have had so many supernatural experiences, I know God is so awsome and he is more than worthy of praise. I would not even be alive today if it wasn't for God steping in supernaturally. Praise God, he has kept me out of Hell. Satan has tried so many times to hurt me and to scare me in dreams and visions where I have had the appearence of demons. Satan has lost each time. Satan tried to throw me into the pit a few months ago in a dream. I was falling into darkness, and the place was so dark you could not even see your hands infront of your face. The more I fell the darker it got, and guess what a hand came down into the pit and grabed my right hand and pulled me out. Praise God he is absolutly wounderful. My email adress is if you want to share more of your experiences.

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    you probable felt exhilaration for the reason which you in basic terms resisted the impulse to do some thing which you have been attempting to no longer do. It became forward step in a private conflict. i've got not got faith that the holy spirit got here around you at that element. Having that comparable feeling at yet another time on your existence once you weren't examining with the Jw's does no longer have made you think of which you have been receiving the holy spirit. you have got felt it without praying. however the undeniable fact which you have been getting to grasp in regards to the holy spirit and thinking approximately it reason you to affiliate the sensation with the holy spirit and prayer. i do no longer undergo in ideas feeling the holy spirit every time i became a JW. And praying now to me does not sense any different than it did back then. of direction there is not any specific or scientific thank you to coach no be counted if it became the holy spirit that brought about this or no longer. that's in spite of the fact which you % it to be! And to respond to to Stephen M.'s remark, Jehovah Witnesses are Christians and that they have not got faith that Jesus is God yet that he's the son of God. they have not got faith interior the Trinity.

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    Where is the supernatural? Above nature?

    Is God a banker that supplies money when you ask him?

    What color are God's eyes? You saw the "throne", did you see his eyes?

    What go is to know something before it happens if you don't do something about it?

    You may have experience the supernatural, but nothing you told us here has anything to do with the Holy Spirit [I assume as defined in the bible].

    Source(s): Christian bible
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    1 decade ago

    I guess it's easy to have these "visions" after the fact. That IS after all, how all such visions happen. There is NO supernatural power or beings.

    As for your money, you have to be kidding us right? I mean, how much more blatantly do you need to be to show that your religion is founded on cash?

    Instead of comitting Pious Fraud and saying you were healed by this imaginary sky-pixie (which never happens either) instead you lie again and say that money "magically" appeared in your bank account.

    If ever there was an example of what religion is all about, that's it.

    Thanks for that, it's not as if most of us needed confirmation but there might be people still wondering about religion. Well folks, there it is!

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  • 1 decade ago

    He has spoken to me several times when I don't know what to do- either through a song, a verse that pops into my mind, a sign, etc... He also has done miracles like the healing of my grandfather who underwent comatose 19 times. up to now, he is still alive. He also has saved my whole family spiritually.

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    The Holy Spirit was sent by God for each one us to guide us and be our "conscience".

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