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Has anyone ever bought someone a Chia Pet for Christmas?

Did they like it? Dislike it? Toss it in the fireplace?Take a chainsaw to it? Like it so much they wanted to make love to you right then and there?

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    I bought my husband a Chia Pet a few years ago, and he laughed, but he liked it.

    They're a fun gift for someone who has everything and they really do grow!

    Just follow the directions.

    And really, how many people do you know who actually have a Chia Pet?

    It does make for fun conversations!

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    I once gave a Chia Pet to the CEO of the company I worked at. I was the new guy and we all pulled names to see who got whom a Christmas gift. He was bald and had kind of a big nose, he looked just like the Chia Mans Head.

    I was lucky he had a sense of humor. He acted as if he liked it a great deal and grew the thing right in his corner office.

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    I think they are so tacky, I even detested the commercial for it. Of course I must have been too vocal about my dislike for the pet, so guess what my family thought would be great fun? I received one for Christmas, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!! They all had a good laugh, I can too now. It has & always be the worst gift I ever received, but it brought a lot of laughter that year.So, take your chances, but be sure to give a nicer gift also or there will be tears! While your at it throw in one of those clap-on things.Now that I'm older I see I might need that one day! lol

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    YES! YES! YES! My sister and I started this as a off the wall gift to give. She gave me the Chia one year for christmas and I expressed how thrilled I was (under my breathe stating can't wait to wrap it up for your birthday in 2 months, hope you like it just as much!). On her birthday, she received the infamous Chia, on Mothers day guess what I got! and so the year of Chia giving goes to this day. It is such a tradition, we know it is under the tree, we wonder how it will be wrapped, did we get a new one (we wouldn't dare!). Weve talked about actually planting it, that thought goes away very fast as it would be very boring and then we have another child to care for!

    Source(s): I've lived it!
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    I got a Chia pet once. I loved it. It really worked like it did on tv. My ferret ate it though. Then i didn't have any more seeds to grow it again. Boo hoo! I hope you get one for Christmas.

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    I've never gotten or given a chia and I don't think it's such a good idea. If they like gardening get them something that really has to do with gardening, not some pot with green "fur." But if it's animals or potery they like get them a painted potery animal, something cute. Not something wierd and green, and hairy

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    Yes my boyfriend and I got one for his grandmother for Christmas one year as a joke because we call this Uncle Shrek and we got her one of those Shrek Chia Pets it's great! Also she liked it!

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    Oh,I think they are nice for people who love plants,I have given Christmas cactus as gifts,Venus fly trap,Air ferns and Pointsetta .They make a colorful statement,and are a sentiment of the season.I actually never bought one but I do like them.

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    I got someone at school one once about 5 years ago. I realized it was tacky so I got her something else later on!

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    no, but i was thinking about it. It seemed like a really cute and fun gift to give and 2 have! hope this helps!

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