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How about this for a ticket.?

Man, I hope Hilary doesn't run for Prez in '08. How about a John Edwards / Barack Obama ticket for the Dems. I think Hilary is too devisive and would hand the White House back to the Republicans, which would not be a good thing.


Janice, I don't follow any political party so it's not about ME losing. I'm an American Patriot, not a political party lemming.

Update 2:

Haha, Breck Girl. Love it!

Update 3:

Too many people in this country misconstrue being the most powerful single nation with being strong enough to run the world. We're not THAT powerful folks!

Update 4:

Belgium is a cool country. The first date with my wife, we went to Belgium for the day. Now THAT'S romantic boyz!

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    You are right about Hillary my liberal friend. Don't worry about the republicians however. Unless they come up with an unknown like Obama, they have little chance of reclaiming the white house. Edwards? Are you kidding? The Breck Girl who is more concerned about if his hair is in place. Typical politician. I'd be more inclined to take a chance with Obama.

    Anyone but Hillary. See? We can find common ground, can't we?

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    I love it! I hope that Hilary doesn't win the democrat nomination, because if she does, we will be stuck with a republican in the White House for another 4 years which would be absolutely horrid! I don't know much about John Edwards, but I've heard good things. I absolutely love Barack Obama.

    For all those people who play the "no experience" card, look at Bush. People said he had plenty of experience and he managed to screw up the nation pretty badly. We need people in the White House who haven't been corrupted by Washington DC, and we need people who can unite the nation, not divide it more than it already is.

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    Surely you didn't think you would get a real response without people taking a shot at you. It's too bad people can not give an UN-emotional answer based on facts not name calling. That said I don't think Hillary should run neither should Edwards or Obama. In Obama's case I don't think he has the name recognition with the general public he would need to be successful. I think neither party has a really good candidate. So it may wind up being a vote for the lesser of two evils.

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    Hillary will get the nod for the 2008 Democrat nomination, which will open the door for Rudy Guillani to become president. I think Rudy would make a great president, since he is a moderate Republican.

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    Hi guys,

    have no clue what Hilary would do, and don't know the other names, :-0,, sorry. Live in Europe anyway.

    But can all you over there in the States please vote someone in the White House who does realize (s)he is not alone on this planet, that there are other persons in any other continent with equal rights? And maybe for a starter someone that takes ecological responsability to keep our planet vivid? Someone who understands the urge of it? Kyoto rings a bell for your 'leader'??


    Many overhere will thank you for it.

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    It's a sad day when voting becomes a choice "of lesser evils". That being said, a great ticket would be McCain and Hillary, but that won't be happening any time soon.

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    Not bad except Obama does not really have enough experience and I think that would hurt the chances of this match up winning the election

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    Both Edwards and Obama are inexperienced. Also, Edwards is deeply loathed in in his home state which would make it next to impossible for him to win.

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    Hilary is going to run. and you are going to lose again. I actually think having the congress and senate go one way and the President go the other actually achieves the checks and balances that having different levels of government was meant too.

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