Help..I cannot open Excel !!!?

After working for years, on trying to open Excel, the "logo window" blinks on for a second, and then nothing. I can open Word without any problem. I've tried unistalling and reinstalling Office (2000) both before and after defragging. I've run my virus scans (McAfee and AVS) and found nothing. I even tried using another persons CD to reinstall, in case there was a problem with mine. I still get the same problem. Any ideas?

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    1 decade ago
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    You first try to carryout system restore to a day previous to the day when there was no virus or any problems. It may be a few weeks or months back. You have to decide the date. Detailed instructions are posted at The problem will be solved. Then,You insatll a standard antivirus soft ware such as Norton, AVG , Avast ( free antivirus software and Ad-aware, Ewido ( free spyware removers). You can download free softwares at and

    After running the virus scan delete all temprory internet files including off line content and also unwanted files and temp. files. Finally, carryout a defragmentation . Your system will be back to the normal...!

  • Marc G
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    1 decade ago

    try downloading from, it is a component that microsoft office needs to function properly... maybe excel is not configured to a certain thing and needs to operate properly... save the to the desktop and open excel... you will let the error message pop up and the windows installer will do the rest...

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