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Do we have any sport fishermen or women out there, if so lets here from you all?


sorry people. this was not my question. someone has used my id to ask this and cost me 5 points for it. but since you have answered, i will pick best answer anyway.

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    I love fishing but i must say i love my wife more, ;-)

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    What do you consider sport fishing? Big Game are catch and release? Fresh are saltwatwer? I do both fresh and saltwater fishing. from bream to Tuna. I release about 90% of my catch and have in the past had some line and age records. My longest quest that is still trying to be reached is a 100 pound plus catfish. Either a Blue are Flathead. But some of the biggest fish I have caught have been: Large mouth-15 pounds, Striper-36 pounds, Tuna 280 pounds, Marlin 10 foot, blue catfish 74 pounds, flathead 64 pounds and on and on.

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