Can this LSAT score & GPA get my friend into ANY Law School? Please let me know!?

So my friend just got her LSAT scores this morning through email and she got a 135. She also has a 3.12 GPA. Her dream school is Emory. Do you all think she will get into any school with those figures above? It's really depressing and I don't know what to tell her....Let me know please! I need your advice to give her...Thanks!

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    Well, the best advice to give is to retake the lsat and study this time for them. She could get in to the University of Puerto Rico law school based on her current gpa and lsats. Have her check out the lsac website for more information and advice.

  • Laurie
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    4 years ago

    I higher LSAT score would help, and of course a 3.0 from a top 20 school is much more impressive than a 3.0 from a tier 3 or 4. But the general answer with no other information would be yes, there are law schools that you can get into with a 3.0 assuming your other variables are reasonable. The latest copy of US News and World Report has the numbers for law school rankings. A full online subscription is about $15 and will let you access their statistics including median GPA and LSAT scores.

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    No. Her LSAT needs to be at least in the 158-165 range to probably feel like she has any shot at all at the good schools. At around 150 there may be law schools she can get into, but 135 just isn't going to be good enough I don't think.

    Edited to say the GPA is okay, not great, but okay, the LSAT score just needs to be higher. After consulting some others that recently got into law school, it seems that above 150 is going to be necessary with the okay GPA.

    Source(s): Took the LSAT and looked at law school, know lots of attorneys, and work with attorneys every day
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nope. LSAT is too low and her GPA is really low. That's not even graduating with honors.

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