Procedures for applying a visa for my Nigerian friend?

I'm a Malaysian. Me and my friends are travelling in western europe from 25th January to 11th February during our winter holidays. We are currently living in Russia. For us Malaysians, we only are needed to bring a passport along, but for my friend, he needs to apply 2 visas (Schengen and Switzerland). Does it mean that he has to apply the Schengen one before the Switzerland visa is to be approved? And do you think we will be in time to get both visas by 25th January?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Your friend may apply for the Schengen and Swiss visas in whichever order he wishes. Unfortunately, Nigerian documents are routinely viewed with healthy skepticism, so there may be delays. It is difficult to say whether one month will be an adequate amount of time in which to acquire the two visas.

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