where can i report problems with an investment company?

my mother died and left stocks in equiserve they changed over to computershare and since 2003 i have been trying to get all the stocks cashed out they have put me through hell first it was send the death certificates then send signature guarantees and the hard part was i could not pull everything up that was in her name they made me pull them up one by one and i fell they have really given me the run around. there are still stocks and now they are telling me i have to send signature guarantees again ect. why cant they apply the court orders and signature guarantees i send to all stocks held with computershare. they have cost me lots of time and lots of headaches.

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    They are no doubt simply following their guidelines. In fact, they may be following the governments guidelines as well. Did your mother have a Will? That would have had instructions on how to disperse assets. If not, you are going to have to jump through the hoops. Just realize that its most likely going to happen quickly, and they are most likely following the rules that they have set for themselves. If your name isnt on the stocks, they want to make very sure that they are not transferring stocks that shouldnt be transferring. That would be a major law-breaker and could get them shut down. That is why they are being so careful and picky. The Securities and Exchange Commission would be the agency, but at first glance I dont think they are doing anything illegal.

    Source(s): www.sec.gov
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    Contact the NASD (National Association of Security Dealers). the SEC handles different cases.

    Once the account is in your name, you should be able to buy and sell everything or anything.

    Below is the link to the complaint center. Good Luck!

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    I would contact the Securities Exchange Commission and tell their investigators in detail what is going on. They are listed in your phone book under US Government.

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