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Is there a good website that gives discounts on Royal Caribbean cruises?

I'm planning to take Royal caribbean cruise deparing from Venice 18th of August. Which website is the best ? What is the best time to purchase online?


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    They always offer discounts on all sorts of cruise lines. Maybe you'll find a good one for Royal Carribean.

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    The best way is to call RCI and a travel agent for prices.

    Often travel agents have group space available & usually offer incentives for booking with them, such as shipboard credit or bottle of wine, etc.

    Call or email a couple of travel agencies, ( including mine, if you are located in the U.S. :) to compare prices, categories & incentives.

    I do know on this particular sailing there are lower rates on the 9/01/07 sailing.

    I recommend booking as soon as possible, if the rates drop you can notify the booking agency ( if they haven't already done so ) & recieve the lower rate!

    Hope this helps!

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    not that i'm aware of royal caribbean is pretty much set on their prices but keep an eye out keep checking their web site or find your self a really good travel agent i think you have made a good choice with this line i have cruised with them and going again von voyage

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    Contact your travel agent. I have a ton of deals from Royal Caribbean, Carnaval and Princess on my desk.

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    Go to they can plan any type of trip not just honeymoons.If you tell them what you like and your budget they will plan the perfect trip for you.Best of all the service is free b/c the fee is paid by the cruise line

  • Laurie
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    Just go to the web sites for the major cruise lines. They will list all of their specials.

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    hellow i have travel cruise package wich is on geat prise and it comes with many bonuses.

  • Anonymous
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