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How does a bearded dragon show you affection?

Do they show affection towards their owners? Ive noticed minor things like he wont sleep unless he is near me, and also, he is attached to my room. I took him out into the living room and he jumped off the couch and ran into my room really really fast. He stood in the doorway every time that happened, its happened like 6 times. But do beardies show their owners affection? If so, how?

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    Yes, beardies are completely capable of showing affection toward their owners, some more than others. For example, mine loves to snuggle, won't got to sleep unless I hold him, and he'll run to me when he's scared or stressed.

    How long have you had him? It shouldn't take you long to be able to read his emotions very well.

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    Beardies do seems to enjoy human contact. They love to be massaged especially in the soft areas behind the eyes and everywhere else as well. My beardies show me affection by choosing to climb up on me from their tank. They want to be with me. Once in a while they move away when I place my hand in there so I honor that and leave them alone until they want to come out. They really enjoy sitting in the window sills (though by instint they try to hide if when see a bird). I use a heating pad on the couch all the time for my disability. The beardies love it. They snuggle in and leave me no room so they can have it for themselves.


  • my beardies love to lay on my shoulder and have me rub the spot between their eyes they will lay there with their eyes closed for quite awhile. my boyfriends beardie becomes depressed to the point of not eating if hes gone for more than a few days.

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    have you ever been petting him and his eyes close, that means he is calm and he trusts you I hav beardie and he is soo affectionate he always is calm!

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