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Why do I think too much ?

In every aspect of my life I think too deeply and too much. Why ?


What I meant Is why do I think too much about phylosophycal things, same all things like what is life, what is existence, what is the essence of life etc...I do not think about daily things, I think spiritually and scientificly...Altough you don't understand what I wrote here...!

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    perhaps you are the serious kind. it's a big waste to think too much about anything in this life. coz ultimately what has to take place will take place in spite of of our best efforts. seriously unwind and take life events on a lighter note. if you take them seriously, it's an unnecessary burden on heart and mind...take my word it's a burden. "by thinking you cannot make one white hair strand blank or one black hair strand white". this quote is taken from the Bible. thinking makes you carry unwanted baggage all your life. i believe life should be made a pleasurable journey. making it a pack of worries leads to misery. best wholesome therapy is to spend time with children. when i am with them i forget all the worries and cares of the this dirty world.

    listen we humans will never be spared of this life's worries and frustrations. it's how we take them influences where we land up at the end of the day. chill and relax, fasten your seat belts, sit back and enjoy the ride. there are ups and downs in life. "life is a roller coaster", my friend.

    more often it's a choice. you choose to think therefore you think deeply. aah! now this asnwer does not fit this bill. oh no! why oh why do people not put specific questions?? well, served some purpose.

    you should read a book, title being "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder. you will love it. you will come to know lot of answers just like i did. the blurb says "3000 years of philosophy in 300 pages". fantastic book, believe me. philosophy has always fascinated me and i am glad there are still some people who take pleasure in it. i think too, i think too much on philosophical lines. it gives me an alternative frame of reference to lifes events.

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    Put plainly, You spend too much time alone. That and you look too closely to detail. Doing something like learning a new language will show you that detail doesn't always help you, it's getting good at learning the basics that help. Chances are you should broaden your horizons, and try new things. That'll change it all for the better.

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    Human is a thinking thing, so you think therefore you exist and you are a human...

    ...but interestingly we do not know our thinking capacity and mind's properties despite the fact that we are "minds."

    So, it seems like being human is a process and it is possible to develop in this way. If you are thinking too much, this logically means that you have more self-awareness. From that point I can say that you are more "human", you are more "mind" than many others. That's why you think too much.

    You think too much and you become more human, you are more human and that's why you think too much. This seems like something infinite like (I think) human are.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Why do I think too much ?

    In every aspect of my life I think too deeply and too much. Why ?

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    You know what amazing about your question, I do the very same thing all day long. I have asked this question ( your question) to many, but to my own understanding its may be something that you feel you need to know or lacking there of. I find myself thinking about life and every aspect of it, why are we here? what is real and what isnt? what true about life, the bible, this world, and our government. After all this thinking. I look for answers and thats why I think we think so much, because we need answers to the question we have... hope i helped

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    Well...One reason could be that you live or exist in surroundings that actually inspire your sub-conscious mind to think the way you know.The conscious mind taps on the sub-conscious mind thus enabling you to think philosophically.What is meant is that you could be living in surroundings like lets say a place resembling a hermit's place.Another reason could be that you experience extreme sadness. Sadness causes the mind to think that way too. It helps the mind think more clearly.

    Hope I have been use-full.

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    I have the same problem. Too many sleepless nights have gone by in years as well --- and I'm in uni!

    Its 5:43 AM where I'm at and I haven't slept all night. My mind kept going and going and going, thinking about the Arab-Israeli conflict, the suffering of the Jews; criminal doctors in the Nazi extermination camps, types of physicians, drug interactions, the sick who can't afford medical treatment; what I should do, etc. etc.

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    Thinking about one thing then moving on to another before answering the first question.

    Then asking more because you feel even more confused.

    Just take it easy and relax the answers will come to you.

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    Yes . of course..u must think deeply upon anthing related to u but when it comes to take any decision do it quickly. think more act quickly this is the thing that should be followed.

    anyway thinking is not bad but rough thinking is worse. so think positive and a right direction regarding ur fuure and career.


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    Your most likely a scholar at heart. So am I. Eager to learn and ponder the mysteries of life. Yours and/or all life in society as we know it. Maybe even find some answers along the way.

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