waht is the significance of ethics in social research?

give examples too?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    With out ethics the research will be biased.

    Value neutrality is the basic ethic of any social research.

    e.g if you are a woman, you want to make research on women rights , you should not be taken away by bias against men.

  • Laurie
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    4 years ago

    Another is the Stanford Prison experiments. The experimenter randomly divided the participants into "prisoners" and "guards." Then they were to live in prison-like conditions for three months. The result was much worse than anyone could have predicted; the "guards" started seriously abusing their power over the "prisoners" so badly that the whole experiment was canceled after two weeks. The point is that the one thing you do NOT want to do in social research through experiments or sampling is change your subjects, especially for the worse. Social scientists' goal is to be a observing non-participant (even though sometimes they are a participant). The significance of ethics in social research is for the protection of the subjects who should not compromise their lives for the purpose of educating social science

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