when I I.M. my friends it shows my first and last name.?

I signed on to messenger the other day and was asked if I wanted to upgrade to the latest version. After I did the upgrade, when I I.M.'d a friend, my first and last name showed up instead of my yahoo handle which is what I would prefer using. I went all over the edits and cannot get my name changed back to my yahoo handle. Where do I need to be going to edit my yahoo HANDLE

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    1 decade ago
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    Change your name in these areas...

    My Contact Details - To edit your name in an IM box...

    My Account Information - To edit your Account Information....

    My Profiles - To edit your name as it appears in a chatroom... (if you have a 360 page as your profile you won't be able to edit your Nickname this way... see below)

    For in-depth details on how to edit these three areas



    (If you have a 360 page as your profile you can change your Nickname while in the chatroom, Click on Chat at the top of the menu of the chatroom, click on change my nickname, fill in your nickname and click save changes. You may not see it immediately. You will need to log out of the chat and log back into chat to see the nickname change.).

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