how do I find a mail server address? ie. pop3 or SMTP information?

I'm just setting up my microsoft outlook express for sending/receiving mail and I need to register my accounts, but I don't know what to add when it wants the "Incoming mail server-pop3) and the outgoing mail server (smtp). Can anybody guide me so I can get it to work. I don't know if I'm supposed to be writing the account used (aol, etc.) or if there is a set of numbers or symbols that it wants... I'm a simpleton and haven't had to do this before. I just usually sign-in and click when I want to send email from a normal site.

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    Go to FAQ of yahoo mail or gmail, etc. just to be sure. They provide step by step instructions on how to set up your email on Outlook Express.

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    If you are using an email account from your internet service provider, your incoming and outgoing email run through their servers. Without the names of these servers, outlook doesn't know where to download new messages and send outgoing messages to.

    This is a frequently needed piece of info. by service subscribers, so a provider normally lists what the pop and smtp server names are on their website, usually in an "email set up" information/ support section, or FAQ.

    Or, you can call your provider's customer service/ tech support number, and ask them what the servers are.

    To set up the account in outlook express, just enter what they tell you for the pop and smtp servers, and enter your account name and password ... that way outlook express will automatically log you in when it connects to the servers.

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    You have to get that information for your service provider... the service that is providing you with internet access, is the best place for you to go... they will give you what ever information you want and that's it...

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