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Muslims, why does the Koran say "Take not the Jew or the Christian for an ally? Does Allah hate us?

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    Mohamed got sick and wanted to kill himself when he was visited by an angel. There is only one angel that would make someone want to kill themselves, the angel of light the most beautiful angel there ever was his name is lucifer (the devil). Everything you say lines up with Revelation in the Bible. Christians are waiting for the Antichrist to come he is supposed to claim to be Christ. The devil (the ninth imam) in disguise is to stand next to the Antichrist. Yes the devil has made this evil religion and he will continue to kill many until it has taken over much of the world, even the United States will be ravaged by Islam. But in the end Jesus will come back and conqueror the earth and cast all unbelievers into hell. So make sure you accept Christ as your one and only salvation and repent from your sins (tern from your sin) and ask for the Holy Spirit to live in you

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    Not exactly. After all we are his creations. The reason why Koran say so is because the Jews are two-faced. they can be your friend and your enemy at the same time. But, as long they are good to you, thats fine. A very long time ago, in the era of the prophets, Allah sends a lot of prophets from their own race (Jews). The prophets teach the people to obey Allah and believe that Allah is the only God. The Jews promised that they will served for Allah orders. However, as time goes by they never keep their promises. After all, Allah had gave their race a lot of advantages. They are clever, beautiful but they never grateful. That's why Allah choose Prophet Muhammad which is the last prophet as an Arabic.

    (well, this is not full detail. to know more, ask religious muslim like the ustaz or ulama')

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    I think that verse refers to a specific war, which the Muslims were in the midst of when Muhammad received this revelation. In context, it can be seen that it was referring to those specific Christians and Jews at that time who were against the Muslims. In other places, it is clear that the Qur'an is not against being friends with Christians and Jews. If I'm not mistaken, a man can even marry a Christian or a Jew, because they are respected as "People of the Book" who believe in the same One God.

    Context is everything.

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    In context, it says do not take them as a protector IF they do not like you. You can be friends with Jews and Christians, this is stated in the Koran, but you are not allowed to accept Jews and Christians as friends or allies IF they do not accept you. If you remember the Madina Compact was an alliance, an understanding if you will, with the Madinese Jews. There must be more research on your part before such a question is to be posed.

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    It's because Christians or Jews don't believe in Muhammmed(PBUH*) and might attempt to lead Muslims from the straight path.

    [5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

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    I have read the Quran and am guilty of taking things out of context as well, but by ignorance as the flow really makes no sense to me. The bible is at least in chronological order whereas the Quran seems to just go by length. Thats my take. So they are saying in that verse, to not take them as an ally if they are against you. It could mean if they are against your religion too. Which they would be. Its up to interpretation once you read it in english either way. One thing you cant take out of context which is more important is that once you go Islamic you cant turn back. To accept Allah as the one true God is lifelong. If you wish to convert or disbelieve, or have any open doubts, you are to be executed. This isnt possible in North America because of our laws thank god. But in Islamic countries this is an issue they take very seriously. Muslims dont hate anyone in general. Just those who take the Quran literally. Just as the crazy bible thumpers who take creationism and such literally. But to each his own. If you are good to your fellow man thats ALL that matters. :) No one needs religion. We were fine in North America for 1500 years.

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    The Quran said that because at that time, there was war on Islam, based mainly on belief. So it was not logic for Muslims to take allies from Jews or Christians, when they knew that they were attacking Muslims. However, in other times when there was peace, the Quran says: "God does not forbid you from those who haven't attacked you (from people of the book; jews and christians), to be kind to them, to be just to them", and also "you can eat from their food an they can eat from yours".

    The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) lived with Christians and Jews for a long time in peace. He traded with them, attended their funerals, visited the ill. So Islam in no way hates other religions. Islam is only aggressive on attackers.

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    U r quoting out of context, this Ayat is for the one who fought and insulted the Prophet at that time and this is not for present day

    God (Allah) hate only those who don’t follow his right path.

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    This is not true. We pick up one verse and quote it without checking the context. Allah is the same as Jehovah ot the impersonal absolute param-atman of Hindus. No god can ever tell some one to hate anyone.

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    I am not a Muslim but lived in the middle east for a couple of years and couldn't find a church or synagogue anywhere.

    I will look forward to reading the answers you receive.

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