how can i be more successful in my work ?

i want to know how can i be the best in my work i'm working a teacher in a school and i'm new in that field and i'm not knowing how to be the best one in it .. tell me

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    1 decade ago
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    as i'm a student i can better tell you

    # you should be more friendly with students

    # improve your teaching ways

    # don't be harsh with students

    # teach in playway methods

    # time to time have some fun in classroom

    i can say that b'coz i have an english teacher in my school who do all that i had mentioned above and everyone like her, she's the best teacher i had ever met before!

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    I would advise investing in some anthony robbins tapes, type his name in google and you'll find his website. I'm just 17 years old and a few years ago used to be in a lot of trouble(drugs etc) I started listening to these tapes and they changed my life dramatically. I was no longer in trouble, i have gotten myself a job and have been successful in it, have enrolled into college again after dropping out last year. I also have more respect not only for my family but for myself. This is all down to Anthony's tapes and stephen and sean covey's books. Also, Paul Mckenna is really good to.

    They all talk about how to become successful with work and in all areas of your like.

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    find someone at your site that you have observed to be an excellent teacher. use her/him as a mentor and ask questions for anything and everything. go to all the professional development courses that your district/school offers. also, don't overwhelm yourself by trying to be perfect at everything all at once. pick one area to work on each year and improve or learn more about it. for example, you may want to be a better math teacher, find out what the standards are for your grade level and state/district. take classes to help you learn how to teach it in a more efficient way. and lastly, make sure to take time for yourself, don't stress out!

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    hello madam.. m surbhi..a student.. mam u should follow the following steps 2 solve ur problem

    1- b nice 2 students.. luv them.. serve them what they want

    2- whenever they r nt in a mood 2 study then dont force them.. m nt saying 2 follow the same everytime bt once or twice in a month

    3- provide them a frank environment .. share ur memories n also give them chance 2 express theirs

    4 b honest.. whenever u dont know the ans then honestly say - i'll confirm it n never mislead them..

    5-their home task must b decided by them.. give them enough work as they may nt face any problem

    6- never punish them .. i think if u follow my tips..u'll never feel any need

    7- sometimes give then such hometask which is interesting i mean other than studies

    ok madam now itz enough

    if u need any other suggestion then meet me at

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    a good teacher should be politest, he never stop learning even from anyone.

    she have an good communication way

    she should understand their students well

    learn from Internet, books news magazine about your topic. Be update to your topic.

    Never scold your student when they didn't got your point.

    and yeah one more thing try to make interest in your topic so student may enjoy learning!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try to be strict and friendly at the same time with your children, No leniency as far as studies are concerned.

  • Catmmo
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    1 decade ago

    Never stop learning yourself - always try to improve and keep up with the times.

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