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Will you pray with me for the peace and safety of Israel? Will you bless Israel?

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    The Lord says those who bless Israel I will also bless them....It is important to pray for the city of Israel....May the Lord bless you and all like you.And He will see to it Israel is saved by our prayers...God have Mercy own us all ..It is a common thing for me to pray for Israel..Thank you for asking...God bless you as you spread the knowledge of good...MERRY Christmas

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    Let us pray... as I pray I ask God to bless all the people of Israel and all the people on earth. We sure need some help here. Things are getting a little crazy. Please open our hearts and minds that we may work to live at peace with each other. Grant us the willingness to open our hearts and minds and show us how we can turn this mess around and start healing. For showing me that being there for others, helping others, putting the needs of others before my own, was the way for me to feel love, hope and serenity, I am truly grateful.

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    Shouldnt a greater suitable pray be for the persons of Iran? people who ought to stay below tyranny of a central authority which would be people who order for the launch of the attack. Shouldnt you pray for peace in all international locations and not in basic terms for the risk-free practices of Israel? i think of because God loves everybody then he won't want one team of persons over yet another to guard. And basically through fact interior the previous testment it says Israel is the "chosen" united states of america that the persons of Iran must be ignored interior the chilly from the reward of God.

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    I'll pray for both Israel and Palestine.

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    So that is why, you have so many racists questions about Islam, your a Zionist!!!!! I pray that God may Guide you. And i pray for the people of Palestine. They are the real victims. I say that if you are in someone Else's land then whatever they do to you, you deserve it. I'm sorry but that's the ethical and moral truth to what's going on there. Know that most of the victims in Palestine are woman and children. They go into their homes and terrorize them. Zionist rape women and children why the hell should we pray for them!!!!!!!! Like Malcolm x once said" the Zionist argument to justify occupation on Arab Palestine has no legal or intelligent basis in history!

  • Of course! In the 12th Chapter of the Book of Genesis, God blessed Abraham with the following words, "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." Israel is the nation of Abraham. I will surely bless Israel when I want to receive God's promised blessings when I do so.

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    I do it already, along with praying for all of the other nations of the world. I wish peace to all. I grew up in a land known for Apartheid and have seen its aftermath - wish we could all just get along.

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    i'd pray with you for the peace and safety of the world

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    No I'll pray that Hezbollah(may ALLAH be pleased with him) that he defeats you Israelites so we Muslims can get Palestine back. Or that Iran takes care of Israel.

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    I will pray for those who are in conflict, and hope the result is Peace.

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