Say AT LEAST one thing these teams have in common?




4 INTER MILAN / BOCA JUNIORS (Argentinian club)






I'm not saying all of them together but for example what have in commom Italy and Brazil, then Chelsea and Real etc

Update 2:

Till now you haven't understood the question right. I'm saying those 2 teams you see together e.g Italy & Brazil have in commom...or Milan & Barcelona just the 2 of them

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    1. two of them have win world cup more often than others

    Brazil 5 times and Italy 4 times

    2.Both of them like to buy stars player

    3.Both of them like attacking football and have their fantastic and phenomenal playmaker came from brazil

    4.Inter is the current team for club for hernan crespo and Boca is the place where Crespo's name rises. Have many Argentinian player

    5.Both of them are the ONLY team in England who have won the UEFA Champions League and when they last win it. the match was dramatic

    6.Both of them beaten by italy in World cup 2006

    7. Both of them beat Barca in cup.(Sevilla beats barca in super europe cup 3-0 and Internacional beat barca in Fifa club worls championchip 1-0)

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    All National teams have been World Champions

    All European Clubs have been champions of Europe (including Sevilla who beat Barcelona in the Recopa Europea)

    All Latin American teams have been Clubs World Champions, Boca Juniors beating AC Milan and Internacional winning over Barcelona a few weeks ago.

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    Hi ,

    1 Italy/Brazil - Both have great star players ! These two teams have won the most number of world cups ( Brazil - 5 Italy - 4) .Both these teams don't cheat !

    2) Chelsea/Real madrid - Both these teams won their respected leagues last year .

    3 Ac Milan/ Barcelona - 2 very nice clubs.Both struggling to win their leagues !

    4) Inter Milan / Boca Juniors - Have produced good young players.

  • 1- Girls are very beautiful.

    2- Rich.

    3- Glorious.

    4- Average.

    5- Gr8 but not Liverpool.

    6- Legendary.

    7- Giant Killers bcoz Seville bet Barca 3-0 for Uefa Super Cup and Internacional bet Barca.

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    Italy n Brazil only teams to win World Cup in 21st century

    Chelsea n Real Madrid both big spenders

    Milan n Barca both have striped jerseys

    Inter n Boca r both football clubs..(dont no nething else in particular)

    Liverpool n ManU are both English clubs

    Germany n France both have a town named Frankfurt..(outta soccer)

    Sevilla n IPA are clubs Daniel Alves has served for

    Focus on my details

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    1. Both won more than 3 World Cups. Both are biggest cup winners in their continent. Both have players of Italian ascents (In Brazil: Rogério Ceni, Juliano Belletti, Claudio Taffarel, Dunga, Rafael Sobis, etc)

    2. Both are full of stars but are failing to conquer good results in the UEFA Champions League.

    3. Ummmmmm... Best team of the second largest city of their countries?

    4. Lots of Argentinian players. And both are blue and have city rivals that wears red (Milan & River Plate)

    5. Both are red and have a city rival that wears blue (Everton & Manchester City).

    6. Ummmmm.... Both lost the last World Cup final they played and both won the second last World Cup final they played. Both lost to Italy in World Cup finals. Both faced Brazil in World Cup finals. Both have players born in other countries

    7. Were the last 2 teams that defeated Barcelona?

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    1-the 2 team have won most world cup

    2-sponsor is mobile-phone samsung and siemens

    3-played vs Steaua Bucarest in a Champions League final (1986,1989)

    4-never played in second division

    5-shirt red

    6-France lose vs Italy in world cup final 2006 and Germany in 1982 __final

    7-Sevilla and Internacional beat Barcelona in a final this year(european supercup and club world cup)

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    1. Best defenders (Maldini, Nesta, R.Carlos, Cafu), a lot of stars

    2. They want to be better than Barca, but they can't

    3. Best player in the team is a Brazilian

    4. Argentinian players

    5. Red

    6. They both lost against Italy in the WC 2006

    7. Barca is better than both of them, who cares if we lost

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    1)Won the wc 4 times

    2)buy star players

    3)the best player is a brazilian

    4)argetinian players

    5)both teams are from the EPL

    6)lost to italy

    7)defeat Barca in a cup match

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