i have an HP pavilion dv5000 laptop. Operation system=is windows xp multimedia edition got currupted.?

there was a seperate partition where u could recover and restore your system. i had a total harddisk failure. now i'm unable to gain access to those files.

can anyone help me recover those files. i need all the drivers to restore my laptop.

also if that is not possible...then it means i need to download all the drivers at an HP site.

can anyone help me out? where can i download the drivers for ma laptop

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    hp.com hit on support/drivers .put in ur mod number dv5000

    see if da system restore drivers are there did you not set up ur system restore cds on ur hp .laptop have you try the F10 key for system recovery from start up hit on F10 key on start up of pc it should do da restore for you if you can call hp aks for system restore cds to be sent if you had a desktop hp i could have sent you da recovery files from hp recovery cds

  • Marc G
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    well it's impossible to restore and reinstall all those missing components and drivers... the worst thing is, most websites suck the cash out of people... it is better that you have you laptop reconfigured in a repair shop... otherwise, downloading from the internet will only make things worse... missing components affects the anti-virus software, downloading will only damage the registry and make your laptop slower...

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