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Hey ladies, my partner is a salon owner, but his complaint is that his clients' schedules looses him money.

Should he take his Reflexology Sessions and Manicures/Pedicures services mobile? Is this a good idea? He's been asked by his clients if he can perform these services at their home or office via appointment. Is this asking too much?

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    Yes - but make the mobile days specific and charge an additional fee. Depending on demand, he could devote three days or just three mornings or afternoons per week, to mobile services, and still keep his salon clients happy.

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    If he says it causes him money, why should he do it? If his clients insist on home service, he should charge extra so he doesn't lose money. Otherwise , he should keep his services in the salon only.

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    It can be done, but he would have to have enough regular customers to make it worthwhile, considering cost of gasoline, etc. If he tries to go mobile and keep a shop open, it might be too difficult.

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    he'll have to charge more because he's going through the trouble of going to their homes. if he thinks it will be profitable and that his clients will be willing to pay extra, then he should.

    maybe they want him to go to their house in order to seduce him!!!!

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    NO, do he has a problem with making money I would.

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    just tell him to trust his instinct and follow his heart

    whatever he is planning to do he must be right

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