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When did you first know it was love?

You know in your relationship when did you first look at that person and realized I love them, even if you didn't say it then.


For me it always starts with me looking at them and thinking 'wow... am in a bit too deep to want to be without you'...

I actually subconsciously told my current bf I loved him. We were on the phone in the wee hours of the morning and I was so sleepy so I wanted to tell him I needed to go to sleep but instead I said 'I love you' although that was no where in my conscious frame of mind or nowhere close to what I wanted to say. lol.

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    The eyes are truely the windows to your soul. It was a very unexpected moment when we looked into each others eyes and there was a deep connection.. No words can describe the amazing feeling of looking into the other's soul and reading each others thoughts.. no words needed... just a deep knowing, connecting and oneness.. where everything and everyone else just faded in the background. It's just the two of you, and you feel complete and just happy being with them. A timelessness, and a deep sense of peace, calmness, security and completeness being with them. You just know they are the perfect fit, for YOU. It is true when they say that when you fall in love, "you just know".

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    I remember the exact moment in time I fell in love. It was March 26, 1997 8:36:47am, on a bleak and rainy Wednesday. I can't say what it was for certain, just some deep connection when our eyes met. I have never forgotten her, and never will, I still wonder if I cross her mind though. It's a feeling, something wonderfully indescribable, you know when it hits you.

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    When you can't wait to hear his voice, you hear a song & it reminds you of him, when you find yourself daydreaming about the person, or when you see that person your heart skips a beat!, when you start making decision with more of what We like instead of what You like. And when other men are around, ( and you do even notice them because your thoughts are with only your guy!)

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    You just know , cos u cant stop thinking about that person, and its waking up feelings inside u every time u see him/her.

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    I knew it was love when I didn't want to be parted from him, and I couldn't imagine a future without him.

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    When I feel content in their presence and happy that I know them.

    When I want to protect them, make them happy.

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    i know when she tells me

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