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are u.s scared / afraid of china?

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    not militarily, but china owns the us financially and will for a long time. that's scary.

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    Militarily, only if China modernizes a bit. Right now, China can not even maintain control of Taiwan. But if China gained the transport assets they needed for an invasion, we might end up in trouble, simply because of numbers. If every Chinese person were given a spear, and every American an assault rifle, China would still win. But until that happens, the biggest threat they pose(within reason, so no ICBMs) would be economic sanctions, considering just about everything now is made there.

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    China has decided to become a world super power. Their first goal is to dominate their region. Taiwan has been told that they will be returned to the family, the easy way or the hard way. Taiwan is an independent nation but China plans to annex them as they did Tibet. China counterfeits our money. That's a act of war. Chinese companies steal technology and sell knockoff products. That is an act of piracy.

    A large percentage of our imports are made by the Chinese. This does provide them with political, strategic and economic advantages.

    China has developed intercontinental missiles. It is developing a blue water navy capable of meeting and battling our navy.

    The Chinese have always regarded themselves as the center of the universe. This belief goes back centuries.

    We should respect the Chinese for their strengths. We should fear the damage the Chinese could inflict if they chose to do so.

    Am I Scared? You bet. The Chinese are willing to trade millions of the citizens lives to become the sole superpower.

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    Wary would be a better word. No one wants to fight China. It would be messy. For all concerned.

    When I see this kind of post, I wonder if this is a Chinese person puffing out their chest and trying to act tough. There is a racist vein running throught this post, you know. The Chinese still think the West are barbarians.

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    ya very much....china and india are slowly takin over world economy....the 2 countries are the biggest buyers of arms and ammunition......they effect the whole world with there policies and might........they are shiftin the base of power frm america to asia!!!!!!!!

    india is quite an liberal and soft country but china is a hard thinker and very hard to penetrate or negotiate!so US is more afraid of china!!!!!

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    Just the Republicans and conservatives. But, they are afraid of everything. They even have a little fear level color-coded chart on TV every day to tell them how afraid to be.

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    very much

    if china gets displeased with US, then it can anyday drive all the US companies out of china, leading to US economic depression...

    morever, US is afraid of Chinese ICBMs...

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    Why would the USA be scared of anyone? they are the most powerful country in the world and still will be for a long time.

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    No, but the Chinese government should be. As enterprise develops more in China , so Will freedom for the Chinese people.

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    We trade too much with China for them to be a threat. Basically, why would we want to go to war with them? They don't have anything we want and they would loose all of their trade with us, so why would they fight us?

    Sure they want a more impressive military to look like a superpower, but who would they use it on? Not us.

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