Is there a country governed by true Libertarians?

Fed up of Democracy that is no more than a disguised dictature and Dictatures disguised as democracies, I am looking for a country WITHOUT a government, without politicians, but driven by the unique rule of the Libertarians (do what you want, but leave people alone).

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    The Netherlands is about as close as you can get to it. also possibly Switzerland The Swiss stay out of other countries affairs

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    You might want to put a little more study into what 'true Libertarianism' is. Libertarianism is a political philosophy that argues for limited government, it IS NOT the absence of government or politicians.

    Libertarianism, like Communism, is a utopian philosophy that, carried to its extreme, is wholly unworkable.


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    When you find out where there is a place run by Libertarians, let me know...I will book my flight there.

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    Fantasy Island...Tattoo will be happy to greet you and take your bags.

  • EZMZ
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    unable to sustain

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