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I have a thought-theory about space time travel and light momentum.?

Is it possible in space for a vessel ship or object to double its speed because of lack of resisitance? Lets say you go 100mph in space could it double in a period of time then repeat the process.

100mph then 2-4-6-8-10? Is it possible what do we know about momentum-inertia in space.

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    There is nothing about space that makes things double their speed all by themselves. A space craft that has run out of fuel and is not firing its engines will neither speed up nor slow down. Newton's first law applies. It says an object at rest will remain at rest and an object moving in some direction will keep moving at the same speed and in the same direction unless acted on by a force. In space the only forces available are gravity and thrust. Thrust is supplied by rocket engines. Ignoring gravity for the moment, no thrust means no speeding up. And no slowing down either. But on Earth, there is another force available; friction. Friction always acts to slow things down. So when your car runs out of gas, friction soon slows it to a stop. If you are on the ice, there is much less friction and you would not slow down so quickly. This is a problem when you want to slow down. The brakes use friction with the wheels, which in turn use friction with the road to slow the car down. On an icy road, friction is greatly reduced, almost like in space, but not quite.

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    They already do that, they use small thrusters that have such low amount of thrust but the fuel source lasts for a long time, but over time that thurst increases the crafts speed. See Xenon thruster on Yahoo. Also there has been some thought to a solar sail, since the high energy particles coming off the solar wind could be use to push the sail, even though it would be minute it would eventually get it up to a great speed.

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    Yes - one reason why we measure the 'speed of light in a vacuum' is that in anything else, light will travel slower (due to 'resistance').

    Since there is no resistance in space (a vacuum) light will be going at its maximum speed.

    See comment above re: max speed of a space ship = speed of exhaust.

    NB doubling is 1-2-4-8-16.... (not 1-2-4-6-8 ..)

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    Steve wasn't being a smartass, toddler, he replaced into basically attempting to describe the version between Newtonian and Einsteinian physics. None of your options would artwork, for quite some causes, which incorporates relativity, spagettification, and body dragging. fake you need to write a simulation application that mirrors what actual occurs round a black hollow and helps you to %. just about any kind of propulsion you may imagine on your starship. a million) You anticipate "If warp drives from celeb Trek were actual, escaping it should be a chance". possibly not. Run this try and "Wah wah wah..." the organization's hyperbolic orbit decays into the black hollow. 2) so that you try a quickly yet not "warp" depending propulsion, say 0.50c, also in a hyperbolic orbit on the point of the black hollow... "Wah wah wah..." it also decays into the black hollow. it kind of feels there is a few thing occurring you probably did not plan for. As your deliver receives in course of the black hollow, its momentum will develop as you anticipate, yet its speed would not. in truth, evidently to decelerate. From the vantage factor of the deliver, it keeps to boost up, yet nonetheless is going crashing into the black hollow. confusing. that is by way of the strange physics that take position close to a black hollow. not counting the deadly radiation that killed your crew at the same time as it were given closer than a mild 3 hundred and sixty 5 days from the black hollow, this would make your plan fail.

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    There is some type of resistance out there.To prove the point, why is the earth slowing down in its revolutions.

    Weather it is solar winds,gravitational forces at play.Maybe even some unknown force yet to be discovered.

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    Whatever speed the thrust is going out the back the spaceship will accelerate to that speed over time.

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    Unless you are a second Einstein I doubt that you can prove that light can increase its speed.

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