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Is there a correlation between the music we like and personality?

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    Yes and no. Music can be a representation of the self, but there are many forms of self-representations out there. To test this hypothesis, you would have to take the results of a MMPI or other personality inventory and then ask everyone who took it what their favorite kind of music is. You would probably have to categorize all the people on their strongest personality trait and put them into those groups, then ask everyone what their favorite kind of music is, and within each group see if there are any correlations/similarities. I think that's how that could go. Probably another way to go about too though!

    Source(s): Music as a Metaphor for the Self Gary Gregg
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    I completely think so. For example, people who listen to hip hop might be more accustomed to low moral values, exploiting women, extremely superficial etc. Women may be more accustomed to sleeping around and also being extremely superficial. Why would you listen to music about f***in hoes and showing off your bling and shaking your booty if you did not agree with this type of behaviour?

    Me I'm into a lot of punk rock, so I like when people have something more significant to say about society or the state of the government, or something that requires more deep thought and higher moral values.

    I think music absolutely has a correlation to people's personality. It can also show if you have a mind of your own or if you just follow the crowd and do things just to be "cool". Example: Oh that's hot right now, everyone says so, so it must be.

    Or some could argue that it's just a song and nothing more.

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    Holy cow,I think you are right...But at some point it scares me,I am a nice girl and I listen to heavy industrial rock and heavy metal(they have amazing lyrics).But I think that music expresses my aggressivity..

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    How many techno lovers have you seen grinding slowly to hip hop? I think there is.

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    Yes, I am an eclectic -- I guess that makes me a "split personality" then?

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