tuneup for 96 toyota 4runner SR5 4 WD?

Helpppppp---The engine light is on and it is what I call missing (stuttering) when I step on the gas. Tune-up prices are to expensive -I will have to do my own, I read somewhere it was not to difficult but tricky to get too. I will need to replace plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, leaving town to be with family for Christmas so I need to do this tomorrow, or I won't be going. Any and all help is desperately needed-thanks

PS any tricks to how to replace plugs in the correct spaces? Also how to turn off engine light would be good?

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  • gary o
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    1 decade ago
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    To make it a bit easier you may not need to replace the plug wires, but depends on how many miles on engine. When replacing plugs do one at a time and reconnect the wire to prevent any mix-ups. also a good idea to put a drop of antisieze on plug threads so will be easier to remove next time. Be sure to start the plug by hand to prevent cross threading which is a small disaster. then gently tighten up the plug to about 20 ft lbs pressure. Do not get heavy handed as you a tightening into an aluminum head. Also may be a good idea to get some fuel injection cleaner to put in the gas system, if have not been done. also when changing the fuel filter depressurize the system to keep from getting drenched in gas. Pull the fuel pump relay and try to start, if runs for a few seconds is OK. Then replace the relay and proceed to change the fuel filter with the key off- before you replace the relay.

    good luck and have a happy and safe holliday.

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