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I have decided to upgrade my but can't decide even after checking the retail stores and researching on

the internet whether to buy an lcd or plasma; am also bias to the large display of rear projection tvs. I have looked at Sony bravia - klv-40v200a, klv-40x200a; resolution-wise very good but pricey; kf-50e200a grand wega; resolution-wise poor but price very reasonable - and panasonic plasma (th-42pv600h, sd card slot included with resolution of 1024x768 - and I like what I saw, especially panasonic plasma the image is brilliant. This may be my problem. I can't turn away from panasonic because the output is so good but at the same time I can't accept low resolution. Is resolution 1024x768 hd enough to ingest content from full hd sources? Or should I select sony klv-40v200a costing about 8k; or kf-50e200 ringgit malaysia 5999? Any suggestion will be much appreciated. Also should I dig deep into my pocket and opt for full hd and future-proof?

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    If you don't care how much you spend, go ahead and get that Sony. You're not really getting that much better quality though. I recommend you take a look at the top of the line Hitachi products also.

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    why u gotta go to retail store to do that just eat a buncha happy meals that will upgrade ur azzcheeks

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