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How many videos can a 1gb hold?

I many videos can a 1gb card hold (im using it in a PSP)

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    depends on the size of the video...about 1000MB is 1GB...a one hour long AVI video file will be around 680 MB in size

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    It depends on the video. Let's go over some details:

    1GB = 1000MB

    A video can range from 1MB to 1000MB depending upon:

    -length of the video

    -bitrate of the video (...the refresh rate of the picture)

    -the resolution of the video (how big or small the picture size is)

    -the type of compression used

    Here are some examples:

    -An average movie can be downloaded at a decent quality to watch on a computer screen at anything above 700MB

    -A full length movie can probably be played on a PSP and still look good at about 250MB+(if you can find lower quality versions of the movie)

    -Other 2-8 minute videos can range from say... 5MB-30MB

    -A song is usually 4MB-8MB.

    -A picture is usually 0.5MB-2MB

    As you can see it is not easy to find out exactly how many videos you can fit in 1000MB. You are better off looking on your computer and selecting all the files you want to put on the card and then right clicking and then going to properties. It should show you the total file size. Otherwise you can just do the math with the above numbers

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    Depends upon size and quality of videos.

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    It can only hold approx. up to 400 videos depending on the sizes of each video...

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  • 1 decade ago

    depends on the movie size

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    1 decade ago

    no exact number..depends on how long the movies and what type of file format.

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