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What are the Basic Electronic Components? Give its description.?

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    Switch = A device used to turn off by seperating the contacts.

    Breaker= A switch designed to turn off a a specific amps.

    Diaode = A device that only lets electric flow one way.

    Voltage Regulator = Regulates the voltage


    Board = Conects the eletronics, in PC the main board

    Powers supply = provides the corect current and polerity





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    in basic terms hit upon a datasheet for the a/d chip you want you have been allowed to apply. learn the block diagram. Then build each block utilising discrete factors, op-amps, counters, clocks and comparators.

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    a switch

    (it breaks and completes a circuit)

    a resistor

    (limits the amount of current resistance, the ampage doesn't change after going through one of these things)

    a capacitor

    (it charges and holds electricity)

    an inductor

    (can be used to resist a specific amount of ampage in a current and can be used to step up voltage and ampage)

    a diode

    (biasses an ac current, it will convert an ac current to a dc current)

    a rectifier

    (converts an ac current to a dc current)

    a fuse

    (rated at a specific voltage and ampage, if a current passes either one of these properties it will blow)

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    passive and active components,mainly semi conductors


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    passive and active components...

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