where are the headquarters of famous dalai lama situated at?

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    They were located in Tibet. Until the Chinese came in and took over and he had to flee. Great movie to see "Seven Years in Tibet" Also see link below

    Source(s): www.dalailama.com
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    The headquarters of the Dalai Lama are in the McLeod Gunj Sector of Dharamsala in Northern India. (Note spelling: No "sh" in Dharamsala)

    He has an official web site at: http://www.dalailama.com/


    Dharamsala guide


    Between 1,250 and 1,982 metres.


    Maximum 38 degree celsius in June; minimum 0 degree C. in January.

    Annual Rainfall

    Varies between 290 and 380cm. Monsoon season is July to September.


    Woollen in winter and cotton or tropical in summer. An umbrella is essential during Dharamsala's notorious monsoon season.


    There is an airport about eighteen kilometers from lower Dharamsala connecting to Delhi, Kullu, Shimla. Dharamsala can also be reached by an overnight or day bus from Delhi, which takes about twelve to fourteen hours.

    A more comfortable alternative would be to take a twelve-hour train trip from Delhi to Pathankot and then a four-hour bus or three-hour taxi ride to Dharamsala. From there buses and taxis regularly shuttle people to McLeod Gunj.


    There are a number of hotels that offer board and lodging for different budgets. All the high and medium budget hotels have bathrooms attached to rooms with running hot and cold water. Low budget hotels have communal bathrooms with running cold water. In these hotels one can order for hot water in buckets. Many of the hotels offer a wide range of rooms with different rents.

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    Concur with Openpsych the Dalai Lama is in exile in India.

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    Dharam Shala India

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    Isn't it Tibet

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    tibet in china

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    It's in all of us, dear child...

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