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Help with fish disease and cure?

I have a 30 gal. tank. I have differest fishes, among them blue gouramis. In the past I have had them get sick where there fins rot and/or they get red. I thought the problem went away, however one of them seems to be getting the reddening of the fins again. I am hoping this will not spread to the rest of the tank but I am not sure what to do. I'm finding that I am loosing at least one fish a month or so. What can I do to solve this problem. I also have a tinfoil in there that may have the beginning signs of tail rot. The last time I had sick fish, I decided to take all the fish sick out to prevent the disease from spreading, but I guess it didn't work and not sure what to do. Any help you be greatly appreciated.

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    How often do you change your tank water? I change 1/4 of mine per week and change whole tank every month on recommendation of the pet shop people. I also use aquarium salt to reduce the level of stress for the fish and its also a good way to prevent diseases in the take and a good cure for all. Its not the type of salt you use for salt water fish. you can get it at pet shop just ask for it.

    I hope this helps

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    The best preventive for disease in a tank is proper tank maintenance. If you are having a continual problem, you aren't keeping the water clean. Check your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. I do NOT recommend changing a WHOLE filtered tank, EVER, except in extreme contamination conditions. You will destroy your cycle.

    Not all tanks need weekly vacuuming and water changes. Some need it more, and some need it less. It really depends on your stocking levels and feeding habits and how many live plants you have in your tank. To determine how often your tank needs maintenance, monitor your nitrates. I recommend that you keep them at 10 unless you have live plants, in which case you can allow them to go to 20 or 30. Yes, 40ppm is your outside range, but it's best for the health of your fish to not keep them at the edge, and you also want to allow plenty of room for an unexpected rise.

    My recs for medication (AFTER you get your water parameters in order!):

    - to treat the fin rot - Melafix

    - to treat the red streaking - Pimafix

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    I'm guessing your not in Australia by the fact that you said gallons instead of litres. Have you tried all the remendies (multi cure, fungus cure, fin rot cure) your pet supply stores have? If so, it could be the enviroment causing the problem. Check your PH levels etc... If all that is fine and the tank is kept clean, what other fish do you have? It may not be fin rot at all, they might be getting attacked by the other fish. Certain fish arn't compatible with others. That's all i can think of that may help you.

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    Is your fish some years previous? Mine has a splash whitish on his head section and keeps to be on the backside of the tank and does not swim too nicely anymore. i've got had mine for type of three years now. i replaced into instructed via the puppy save that including a teaspon of Aquarium Salt throughout a water exchange can help. I even have performed that yet no longer too lots has replaced together with his swimming around greater. some puppy shops have the "ailment" chart and permit you to understand what drugs to get for particular indicators, I used to have fairly some problems with ailment in often happening fish, expecially ick.

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    I would vacuum the grave and do a 50% water change. Add de-chlorinated water add stress coat. If you are unsure of the disease take the fish in some sort of container to the pet store!!!

    Good luck.

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    Go to a pet store and ask them if they have a treatment. Or look up the disease on the Internet and see what they say

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    i only know about salt water fish and tanks, so i cant offer you any real advice when it comes to techniques and medicines in freshwater, but there are some very informative forums on the web that have all the answers to questions such as these. one is:

    Source(s): used this forum myself for advice quite a bit. lots of knowledgeable people willing to help. :)
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